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Mini Mealworms

These are small mealworms that are a fantastic food for smaller reptiles and small / medium cage and aviary birds. Keep in bran and feed them on carrot and they will store for several weeks until required.

Regular Mealworms

Regulars are the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitar beetle. Their diet is vegetable matter which makes them clean and safe for reptiles and cage and aviary birds to eat. These worms are high in protein but lack calcium, so a supplement is advisable when feeding them to your livestock.

Super Giant (Morio Worm)

This livefood is suitable for the larger insect eater. It is adored by many medium to large lizards and has the additional advantage of an extended shelf life. Kept well fed in their tubs, they neither deteriorate nor change into unfeedable pupae or beetles.

Wholesale Mealworm Livefood

The mealworm has been one of the staple livefoods for many years. Now that it can be successfully supplemented with a good balance of vitamins and minerals, it has returned as a near perfect livefood. As an extra treat pick out the white, freshly sloughed individuals, to hand feed favoured specimens.