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The Livefoods Warehouse website is a comprehensive catalogue for all your live food needs. We take payments securely and electronically through debit or credit cards. If you would like to be given any more information on products displayed on this site please do not hesitate to call 01909 565595.

As one of the UK’s premier wild bird food suppliers Livefood Warehouse offers consistently high standards of live foods in a wide variety of sizes and growth stages so you can match our live foods to your specific pet requirements.

We’re a well established company with a lot of expertise, all our staff have years of live foods experience meaning we’ve always got an answer to any questions you may have about wild bird or reptile live food. Whether you’re feeding wild birds or your own cage birds, live foods are an important part of any diet and can also be very rewarding to the feeder themselves – even wild birds will take a nice fat grub from your hand with a little patience and perseverance. A vital source of protein, live foods fed by you can make all the difference in your garden over a harsh winter.

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