Springtails 1 Tub – Approx 100 – 300

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Springtails form the largest of the three modern hexapods that are no longer called insects. These hexapods are less than 6mm long and have six or fewer abdominal segments and possess a tubular appendage. They snap their bodies against the substrate flinging the springtail into the air. Ideal food for small reptiles like tree frogs, spiderlings and baby chameleons.
They can also play an important part in keeping bio active enclosures in a clean and healthy state by feeding on all the bacteria and fungi. Paired alongside some dendrobena worms these make the perfect little natural clean-up crew.
These can be kept in the tubs they arrive in at room temperature. Make sure to open the lid of the tub occasionally to allow them fresh air and also keep the substrate moist by spraying them. (don’t worry springtails float so if not over sprayed they will be fine).

maturity and size of live foods can vary from picture shown.

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